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Drexel Campus Dining
3210 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
P 215.895.2866

Student Employment Opportunities at Drexel Dining

Campus Dining offers employment opportunities for students at ThirtyOne41 and Starbucks.

Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself to a manager, at the location you would prefer, and ask for an application or contact the Human Resources Manager, extension 1472.

A Work Schedule Which Recognizes That School Comes First
We can accommodate almost any class schedule, but the best shifts go quickly! We can offer a short hour or two at lunchtime, or longer shifts during the evening hours and on weekends. The management team will do their best to set up a work schedule that fits your classes, family and other important activities.

Competitive Wages
Student wages are competitive with the local environment. By showing your initiative and commitment you can quickly move through the pay scale during your tenure at Drexel. Your wages will be reviewed by your manager each term and increases given according to performance.

Free Meals
One of the best things about working for Campus Dining is the meal benefit policy. The meal benefit policy entitles you to a meal for each four-hour shift worked. Over the course of a school year this can mean substantial savings for you.