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Drexel Campus Dining
3210 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
P 215.895.2866

Dining Plans for 2014-2015

Summer Term 2015 Dining Plan Information


Fall Dining Plan Information

Coming Soon

...Stay connected with us via social media for upcoming plan details!


First year resident students (including transfers): Are Required to purchase one of the two All-Inclusive Plans (Gold or Blue Plan)

All Inclusive Plans (Gold  and Blue): These plans include both meals in the Handschumacher Dining Center and Dining Dollars that may be used at any dining location on campus. Dining Dollars roll over each term when an All Inclusive Plan is purchased for a consecutive term. All Dining Dollars expire at the end of each Term.  Meals may be used to participate in our take out program in the Handschumacher Dining Center.

Commuters and Upperclassmen: Have the choice to purchase any of the Dining Plans offered.

Design Your Own Plan: Design Your Own Plans allow students to design their own combination of Meal Passes and Dining Dollars.  Dining Dollars associated with these plans do not rollover. Meal Passes may be used for guest access into the Handschumacher Dining Center.

*Kosher Plans available through the below Dining Plan Brochure link.

Purchase a Dining Plan


Complete an Online Dining Plan Contract: 2014-2015 Dining Plan Contract
(Must use Drexel ID and Password to complete online dining plan contract)

View Spring 2015 Dining Plan Options

Having trouble? Contact the Retail Management Office, Fax: 215.895.0980 or Email:

Dining Plans for Spring 2015: (Click to enlarge image)


Dining Plan Use of Terms:

Meals and Design Your Own Plans do not roll over term to term. Meals associated with the Gold and Blue plans are not transferable to any other individual and are non-refundable.

Students must abide by all rules, regulations and standards of conduct established by the University and as outlined in the University Student Handbook. This agreement cannot be changed or cancelled after the second week of the term. After the second week, plan cancellations may only be granted when the student officially withdraws from the University.